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Gandak News was developed in 2017.  It mainly focuses on the activities of gandaki province in Nepal.  It has proceeded with the slogan of fairness. “We are not alone, we are not the only one,” transmits the news with the motto: Relatively based on clear ideas and facts, the truth is the basic premise of news balconies.

Gandak news never deals with anyone on issues of nation, nationality, democracy, civil rights, good governance and press freedom. It has raised issues of all sectors including social, political, economic, cultural, sports, and entertainment. Never fear the dreaded journalism to end society’s distortions, inconsistencies, corruption.

Audience Overview

Due to the effective planning and SEO strategies it has become one of the popular websites in Global as well as in Nepal.

Following strategies were applied to become one of the popular website in Nepal.

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Quality Assurance

  • Keyword Planning